Scarborough Centenary Hospital
Scarborough Centenary Hospital

Hospital Building Experience

Centenary Hospital,
Scarborough (two projects)
Construction Cost: $49 million
Construction Cost: $38 million

Northwestern Hospital, Toronto
Construction Cost: $27 million

East General Hospital, Toronto
Construction Cost: $28 million

West Park Hospital, Toronto
Construction Cost: $22 million

Sick Children’s Hospital, Toronto
Construction Cost: $25 million

Project Delivery: All above projects were stipulated sum.

Over its history Morrison Construction has successfully completed over $190 million worth of hospital construction. This type of project requires close communication and cooperation between all project members due to the complex and critical building systems that are unique to hospital environments. Our professional staff is diligent in understanding all these systems to ensure proper commissioning and operations of the facility.
Much of our hospital experience includes the addition to, and renovation of, existing facilities. To successfully deliver these projects, Morrison Construction has developed a construction plan that integrates the expansions and renovations to the existing building in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

West Park Hospital
West Park Hospital
East York General Hospital
East York Hospitals